måndag 7 juni 2010

there was this skinny little heary being called Nun

fooling around on a sunny field
sniffing the flowers and just feeling the silky yellow buds

smiling under the blue sky

She was not the only heary little being in the land of the ancients, the forrests and the plains where full of strange beings on 4 leggs mostly.. but Nun could stand on two legs and tuch the flowers with her front leg fingers..

torsdag 27 maj 2010

some words on a vision of a planetary coordination form for the future among humans and some Ting and Rainbow questions now ...

Often reminded that there are so many ways of looking..seeing things how they are, where we are coming from and where we are going. Possibly or impossibly or inspite of all odds against the stream .. even uphill or wherever really needed mirrakles happen.

Ting gathering on the way
bye the sea... a forest

ah... I am one of those who can except that Ting might get bigger, that its ok to talk about it, even though i, like many, like it best when it is small (with few exceptions though.. in Emmahouse it was big 5 or 6 years ago in winter in Sweeden.. at least 200 and I was real fun.. it became like a river of people, river of smiles) but small is beautiful, 50 like in Jutland few years ago. But bigger! in the sense of more people into Ting stile ways and more real-local gatherings and just ting-stile community gatherings all over the countryside.. hmmm... But basically im in for making Ting stile ways known to more people who are into nature ways. And they are many who have not been to Ting in Finland who are into the nature approch. Real nice people.

Ting or / and Rainbow? Perhaps the visions needs to be clarified every now and then and sheltered and sharpened and hammered into words.. that anyhow cant hold the river of life for long so new words get carved out to see if it has something to do with real experience. Words are the basis of the human creation and tools for control and analizing parts and guiding in a logical choice of preferences.Anyway I think many, perhaps most people (especially in Ting and Rainbow circles) do not trust words very well... are on guards with words.. even afraid of words ..tyered of words,.. no wonder, human thought has been lead astray graadually for more than 5000 years, babilon is the proof of it.. but on wings of feelings.. and intuition we are more at home and free. Intuition tells us we are the nature children coming out of hide ing

What Ting and Rainbow circles are today is perhaps not what it will be or ought to b tomorrow, but the dream is there to see the whole picture. To see a sustainable Earth communities all over the globe having some sort of real direct democracy .. real and just and vice coordination for all lifeforms. And .. not to many humans in relation with other lifeforms. To have a sensible way into deep future. Aneverlasting healthy living tree of life.

A lot of dispute has gone into the topic.. Rainbow and or Ting. The role they play in a sensible future.
"If we see Rainbow as a meeting of Tribes, then Nordisk Tingmøde is a meeting for the Nordic Tribe." (a quote from Sunes recent input here on tingline)
This thought I would like to see in context with a global vision of holistic human relation network. I have said many times here on the ting-line that the local and the small gatherings are the most precious and personal and a ground for the bigger district gatherings make any sence such as the Europe gathering and world gathering of Rainbows. And the circle is the key to it all, as an early form of a vision of global grass-root coordination form for humanity between all beings of the living. There should be a way of coordinate in a fair manner for all. The vision is deepened bye seeing the people of the nations form more and more communities both in cities and not less out on the country side with direct grass-root democracy. And that kind of honest relations gradually take over the leading role from this psoudo-democratic system we now are offers to in the form of corruption of morals and justice. Robbery of the privilliged of national tresures and their sellout to the international sharks. Those sharks are taking over everything. And this future lett than one out of hundred wants... So what kind of alternative it it we are looking for? a form that we might have for coordination built in steps from lets say groups of 100 people, local land care takers, sending one person to the local district coordination each year and all of the district coordinators make a gathering in their country and group up in groups of 100 who get to know each other and choose one who goes to the next level etc... ending with a group of 20 or 30 at the top for each languish group, who are servants of the will of the nation but only for a year. Next year gatherings choose new ones etc. From these 30 each nation sends someone on a gathering with their naighboring countries and here we are with the Nordic nations so their gathering might be called the Ting of the north as the closest kinship in culture and genes and languish is the mass of people north of the Alps. Each of the European local districts might then want to have coordination gatherings... north and south east and west of Europe come to gather to choose someone to go to the world coordination group. And that group is looking into global issues... mostly ecological i guess. Powerless and therefore harmless
but hopefully wise teachers in good will.

But honestly.. how far we are away from that vision today. Ting and Rainbow have no real represantives or chosen members for a parlamennt. On Ting everybody is a member of the parlamennt and thats perfect. On the Ting of today we learn about the circle, ourselfs and each other through the talking stick and tea-making and shearing with love and joy and respect .. ye seeing each other inside out... and that is a lot to learn... even still after 30 years it feels as the form is at its infancy.. and so few practicing it and too short a time when it really happens and lways with a feeling of dying when its over... So we are practising living democracy... and it feels like a full time job for life,... fun but also hard... hard to go away from it when its finally alive and hard to go to it again when we get cought up in a cozy corner in babilon. Yes the circle is the basics for this dream of harmony and fairness to expand. And the circle has been deepening and this dream for 30 years for some of us or for 10 years or 3 for some but its still a deep well for all who know it.. largely unexplored.
Ting and Rainbow are both in its early stages even after 30 years. To few families are coming there and mostly individuals who are really deeply stuck and attached to babilon ways. But we are hoping to become more and more independent from it .. bye learning about plants and forming circles who bye or rent a land togeather working on it gradually to have a little cosmic gardenspace somewhere and gradually getting more and more into it. And the wild plants and berries and mushrooms. This will make the grass-root strong.

But what about the relations of the nation on Earth.
Some think the whole idea is about mixing all cultures into one. Or "we are all one" and here is a gateway into a new melting pot of "one family" of humans. I am rather hesitating on this idea at the moment even though in the long run it might be where we are going its not practical now since its just what the capitalists want and the Bildenbergs for an altogeather opposite reason. That kind of politics are made to destroy the roots and the local cultural inheritage and make the capitalist able to privatise all activities as companies and sell to international investors. Tragically this is happening all over the world now. Dont think that will help humans to become harmless and happy in the body of life to take all borders away and to make us into slaves of the greedy and the control-mad power-holders. Anyhow way should big nations roll over the small ones, and few greedy families take everything from those who have hardly enough to live? Should it not be the other way the rich helping the poor? Better hold on and shealter the little democracy we have within the countries.. Until we have united the nations against the harmful exploitation of babilon, each district keeps their tradishional stile of relation to the land and cultivate it from their roots to holistic ways.
So i am deeply devoted to the small local gatherings, and support harmonious coordination gatherings between districts and interest-groups. Rainbow gathering should be around coordination and information and creativity and about remembering our true roots. We need to collect all the true information, all what these tradishions still exhisting hold together and see the core of it.
So we are all one and we are all unick also and 4 all this unickness to harmonize we use forms. Like the circle and the talking feather. Word of wisdom can be a key to a door out of slavery.

Neither Ting nor Rainbow have any concrete structure of a coordination network. There are no leaders chosen nor represants. Only "jobs" we have heard of there are the "focalizers".. and that seems more or less selfinflicted a duty or are they choosen bye the circle? I dont know. I have never been in a gathering choosing focalizers. I have heard jokes about focalizing this or that... food focolizer... transport-focolazer .. tea-focolizer etc.. and then the word "connection" comes to mind... "butter-connection".. "salt-connection" ... "salat-connection".. so we might need to ponder on this... and to choose focalizers and connection persons consiously... and start to prepare the ethical ground of the coordination forms of the harmonious and nature friendly human.

Ting and Rainbow.

Is Ting similar to Rainbow then or in what way are they different?
Yes Ting is local and much smaller and more personal.
Are people beond the Nordic countries welcome on Ting or not?
Well its truly meant for the northern district of Europe anyhow normally there are always some people from other countries, especially the Netherlands and Germany. At this stage it feels okey to get visitors.. but they are not meant to be overwhelmingly many or to take over the vision circle of the northern family. But shouldnt the Ting people then choose someone to go to the Europian Rainbow gathering at the end of Ting as a kind of a coordinator or an amassador of the locals nature people? Definetly the local gatherings should be early summer or spring and the big district gatherings late summer. Well... all nations in Europe should send a focolizer yes... and each national or culture group then make a special camp of lets say the Finns and the Russians.. The Ukraenians and the Lituanians etc... Me as the only Icelander can stay with Ting then or any of the nordic camps. Yes and each camp brings their cultural treasure chests out on a display... songs.. and stories and cloths and dances.. or like lets say all the storytellers from different cultures come togeather and shear their stories on the origien... this vision I really like and work for... then we are starting to look into our common roots. See our similarities.. see our great great grandma and therebye see each other more deeply.

On the gatherings all the social rules feel like tendencies.. or visions and wishes in the sea of the life. If many like somethings to happen it happens year after year... Well .. I guess we have to feel/ .. sense it with our green antennas and red hearts what pathway to trod.

So Ting a formless being as such with many habitual rituals anyhow.. but rather anarkistic... for me there are only 3 guiding concepts to keep in mind there.. 1. be to others what you would like them to be for you.. 2. leave everything as clean as it was when you came and 3. whatever else you are in doupt with .. go to the circle and grab the stick and ask!
Ting has been there for many years and some come every year. They become friends and dream togeather. People who have found some value there and even a little more hope for human kind. The main ingreediens are these forms of the circle and the fire and the kitshen in center, the brotherhood and oneness and openness all around. Some are there because of destiny some for luck. Some are looking for a partner, some want to change the world or at least them selfs and its the same.. and no gathering is the same.

All writing is an attempt... a shot into space. Words have a hard time mirroring what I want to say anyway, sometimes they say something else without me noticing ..better is a hug.

so there is a vision and there is reality
breathin togeather for the moment or 2
might I say
hei hei hei
thats the way

looking forward to a healing gathering and many blissful faces.



There are no such concepts that i know of who are not in real made up bye somebody, a projection of an idea.
No rules either whom Ting people of the past can inflict upon this people coming to Ting this year.
we can talk about how it has been yes
and how we would like it to be

how it should be
how I want it to be

but in general there is a circle and a talking stick and there are 3 kinds of circles...

1. practical circle about practical matters
2. Heartshearing circle about feelings and now
3. Vision circle about a plan of action or future programs

so everybody can shear where they are and how they feel now.. everything

well.. if I where to say anything regarding general ethics I feel we have it inbuilt to expect something similar to what we send out. There can be many kinds of manners but cleanliness and help with whatever is needed is the general attitude. And creativity. Making tea is very well appreciated and helping around the pots and food. Music also. And firewood.

On Ting there is no admission but the magic hat goes after each meal for to cover costs.

Feels like Ting is an information gathering.. people getting to know each other who are into nature ways in the north and shear their hearts and visions and celebrate that there are beings who love life and want to deepen their understanding and better their relation with nature and each other.

Guess Rainbow is about the same.. and brotherhood of all beings.

In essence the local gatherings are for local coordination and the bigger ones for more a global agenda.. like ecological balance big scale such as global pollution and overpopulation, piece negotiations etc. In the future I presume the local gathering send their representants or phocalizers to the European and the global gatherings to look into matters regarding Europe and global coordination.

As for now.. Weather ting is something secret that should stay small or get bigger. Well.. I would like to see it both bigger and smaller that is more often on a local basis in each country and parts of countries or district gatherings,.. family gatherings.. small gatherings are may favorite. But yes it is alright more people get to know of this way.. but basically many small gatherings can take more people without the gatherings getting very big. Hm.. And in the future the global gatherings are mostly gonna be selected representants of the local ones so they dont need to be so extreemly big either. On very big gatherings i get lost in people.

looking farward to see you sweet beings.

Hei hei hei

tisdag 25 maj 2010


Yes im here in Finnland close to a town called Ahtari... fixing the transport and organizing my things.. propeply going south at the beginning of june.. Nordic Ting gathering is starting somewhere early middle of june in the south or i might join the scouting group to look for a place if its not found jet and join the seed-camp. Its been good here in Gaija in the wintertime. Eilolouu 2 u.

söndag 4 april 2010

Loki was a Salmon... so was Vishnu in the ancient times..

And Lohi the word for the old vise lady of Pohola has anothere meaning in Finish... and that is Salmon
Loki is the son of Laufey... and Laufey is an old name for iceland... so we got also that Laufey is the name of my grandmother and the sama as miss Lohi=Laufey

and again we got the location of where Loki was "bound" with lyes... since it is also barely told he was bound on Hveravellir in Völuspá.. The home of Hel... a lady who had the well Hvergelmir in her cave on an island in the deep sea.

partly a relief

how it is to live in a world without meaning?
and without a god.

its only in the middle of the tornedo
in the quietness of no direction

when desire is gone.. im ready to open up for now

this meyou


i feel so disinterested

måndag 15 mars 2010

beond greed?

tooo b sooo critical
that i challence my critical thinking?
welll thats like letting go ho ho of
the back of the greedy ones and ask ok greed is one urch quite common
perhaps we could summon the demon of greed to discuss this topic with us.. what is the interesting part of greed.. ok u take a lot and ? then u get big and ? u got no friends perhaps? only those u can feed the greed with and they are not there for you but to full fill them selfs... for those who have managed to get over it, have found there are pastures beond it, such as brotherhood and good company, heart fellows who might also b on the way to even some other exploits... perhaps an idea... a vision

lördag 13 mars 2010

a pancake with strawberry jam(i guess its desighnd to be like a kiss)

spirals and flashes of red wettness and sweat flesh